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Cooper & Kid E-Zine

Leif MT

The Into the Wild Man Date >

1-on-1′s with dads over a pint or the like //
Todd Smith

Ropecraft is an essential skill for any outdoorsman

3 Knots Every Kid Should Know >

Outdoor skills and stories //
Josh Guin

Totoro Slippers

Cold Pasta And Existential Dilemmas >

Cooking and food as a dad //
Matt Dawson

Daily Menu for New Parents

Remember when you were a New Parent? >

Exploring the gear-change of fatherhood //
Joe Beckman

Body Weight Training Pushups

How to Take Body Weight Training to the Next Level! >

Workouts and nutrition //
Chris Dovale

Monument Valley App iPad_05

A Pair of iPhone Games for the iPhone Non-Gamer >

Books, movies, TV, music, videos, apps, games //
Jeff Bogle

Michigan State Spartans vs Virginia Cavaliers

March Madness: Michigan Spartan vs Virginia Cavalier >

Face-off for all things dad, man and parenting // Battle Master

Moments of Apprecaition (awesomeness) can be seen in our kids everyday. Do you see them? Are you becoming an awesome dad?

One Secret Step to Becoming an Awesome Dad >

Fathering: single, divorced or blended family //
Bruce Smith

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