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Cooper & Kid E-Zine

Luke Struve with Baby

The Anti-Man Date: Devolving to Our Natural Selves >

1-on-1′s with dads over a pint or the like //
Alex Walker

Your first bb gun

Top 3 Starter BB Guns For Kids >

Outdoor skills and stories //
Josh Guin

Creative Galaxy

Creative Dads, Check out Creative Galaxy >

Projects and toys //
Drew Bennett

Halloween Treats

The Cadillac Of Minivans Of Halloween Treats >

Cooking and food as a dad //
Matt Dawson

Engagement Dad and Daughter Sledding

-Engagement: It’s Not Just for Moms Anymore >

Exploring the gear-change of fatherhood //
Joe Beckman

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Burn Fat Fast With High Intensity Interval Training >

Workouts and nutrition //
Chris Dovale

Music: A Sound Odyssey

The Music About Making Music Podcast Companion to the new Cooper Kit, Music: A Sound Odyssey >

Books, movies, TV, music, videos, apps, games //
Jeff Bogle

Family Bonding vs Saving

Should You Be Saving For Your Child’s College? >

Face-off for all things dad, man and parenting //
Battle Master

Moments of Apprecaition (awesomeness) can be seen in our kids everyday. Do you see them? Are you becoming an awesome dad?

One Secret Step to Becoming an Awesome Dad >

Fathering: single, divorced or blended family //
Bruce Smith

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