What’s the why behind Cooper & Kid’s Story?

The Cooper & Kid story began around a fire, in an earthen hut in Africa. It began in the Cradle of Fatherhood, Motherhood, and all mankind. For nearly two decades, the founder of Cooper & Kid, Nichole Smaglick, lived and worked in remote corners of Africa. As a result, Nichole was steeped in warrior cultures with a cultural tradition of initiation by male elders.

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Who are my kids

Going to be?

What can I do to help shape their successful future? How will they remember me? Every Dad asks these questions. From playgrounds to grocery stores to pediatrician waiting rooms to Justin Bieber concerts (don’t worry – nobody actually saw you there), dads are more involved than ever. But not many products on the market connect with this “new dad.”

That’s where we come in.

Cooper & Who?

Cooper & Kid is a new start-up on a mission to enhance the critical rite of passage into fatherhood. As a lifestyle brand that serves fathers of today, we offer curated goods and services and a community of like-minded men.

A pipe and a crew-cut might have worked for Ward Cleaver, but the modern dad needs a little more. So, here are the first of many products and services that we offer.


The Cooper Kit

This award-winning box of awesome is a quarterly subscription package filled with projects built around a theme that, yes, both dads and kids find cool. Plus, it contains entertaining and educational mental fodder for the mature male mind.

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Our online magazine features 8 dad bloggers who are good-natured and delightfully irreverent. It’s straight talk about everything from health to technology to vasectomies (oh yeah… we go there).

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