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Josh Guin grew up in Natchitoches, Louisiana, where he developed a love for horses starting at a young age. His first horse experience was at 8 years old. Josh owned an old gelding named Dan. It was then that Josh began to observe the relationship between horse and human. Since then, Josh has never stopped being a student of the horse. He decided to invest his life into understanding horse behavior and developing a great way to influence and train horses. He and his wife Gillian moved to Texas to further their careers, and to get a fuller understanding of horses. He attended Texas A&M - Commerce where he earned a bachelor’s in Agricultural Science. Included in his curriculum were classes on equine management, nutrition and advanced training. From there, they moved to Nolensville, Tennessee, a charming town just South of Nashville where he founded Crossroads Natural Horsemanship on the scenic Crossroads Ranch. There he offers training, lessons and boarding. Josh and Gillian also travel the country conducting clinics and back-country survival rides. Josh’s approach to training horses is based on the horse’s natural tendencies and behavior. He has an amazing ability to understand horses. That skill has helped Josh in developing natural methods of training based on horse instincts and psychology. This method works. By using natural methods, Josh is able to mold the horse into a willing and well trained partner.

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