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Netflix is a Parent’s New Best Friend

Before you lambaste me for the title of this post, before you judge me for using Netflix as a babysitter, let me be as clear as crystal here: Netflix is a parent’s best friend not because it can act as babysitter while you get some stuff down around the house or take that conference call […]

Pop Ups Web Comedy Series Basketball Screenshot

New Musical Comedy Web Series from The Pop Ups

Edutainment web series (Alphabet Rockers) and even comedic animated movies (Josh and the Jamtones) are not untamed territory in the world of kindie rock but what The Pop Ups are doing with their brand new web series is something unique and special. In pairing new original music with live action comedic interludes and puppets, the […]

Skylanders-Superchargers-Supershot-Stealth-Elf-on-Portal Skylanders Superchargers

Introducing Skylanders Superchargers

HUGE news bellowed down from atop Activision’s castle upon the hill this morning as the tech giant announced the 5th installment of their massively popular Skylanders video game franchise, Skylanders Superchargers. Due out on September 20, 2015, Skylanders Superchargers introduces vehicles to the landscape of Skylanders meaning you and your youthful portal masters will now […]


A Look Ahead to What’s New on PBS Kids

Everyone pretty much agrees — and when does that ever happen? Everyone agrees that we are alive in a new golden age of television with diverse, exploratory, hilarious, dramatic, beautifully written and elegantly photographed TV programs and series all over the place — traditional airwaves, public broadcasting, premium cable networks and online streaming services/content providers. […]

Calm the Fuck Down Book - Best Books for Dads

The Dad Toolkit: Best Books for Dads

If you missed part one of The Dad Toolkit, check out the best podcasts by (mostly) dads for dads. Now, let’s settle in with a good book with the best books for dads. If I’m even going to consider reading a parenting book of any sort, I’d prefer one written by a fine fella who […]

Cooper and Kid Catch Dad Toolkit Podcasts Image copy Podcasts for Dads

The Dad Toolkit: Podcasts for Dads

What is the Dad Toolkit, you might ask? Frankly, if I may be perfectly honest with you right now, The Dad Toolkit is something I just invented while listening to the Life of Dad podcast this past weekend. What is the Life of Dad podcast, you say? Whoa, slow down there, fella. We’ll get to […]

Genevieve Goings Album Cover The Brightest Star in Kids Entertainment

Meet The Brightest Star in Kids Entertainment

There are many outstanding musical acts for all-ages audiences in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. The Not-Its tear up any stage they’re on. Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis are a small-human’s real-life dream sequence. The Okee Dokee Brothers travel — literally and figuratively — the whole of America in song. Molly Ledford writes […]

Jeff OWTK Phillies Nike Dri-Fit Running Shirt and chilled glass MLBFanatics Baseball's Opening Day

How To Properly Enjoy Baseball’s Opening Day

Happy Opening Day! What, wait? You mean to tell me that you don’t celebrate this someday-god-willing-this-will-be-a-national-holiday holiday? You should absolutely celebrate and cherish baseball’s opening day. Here’s why: Baseball is the most complicated simple game of all time, making baseball a metaphor for life and parenting. It’s easy but it is so damn difficult to […]

Billy Kelly and Molly LedfordLive at Kindiecomm_Jeff Bogle NX30 Imagelogger_June 28 2014 Trees

The One Album You Should Buy This Spring

Spring had so devilishly teased us over the past couple of weeks, by showing a bit of leg, enticing us with what was about to occur, but as I type these words, the trees that surround my suburban Philadelphia home are once again doused in a moist powdery white. Lady spring has let down the […]

kids corner music fest Kindiecomm 2015

Kindiecomm 2015 and the Future of Family Music

Where do we go from here? Is there really any other question worth asking after a decade plus of kindie (kid’s + indie) musical expansion that’s yielded Grammy nominations, multiple awards, countless TV appearances, thousands of concerts, and copious amounts of Sirius XM airplay? Kindiecomm 2015 enters its sophomore year this week with panels, sessions and […]

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