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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Grow jiu jitsu

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Grow with Jiu Jitsu

Training should not be the same cookie cutter “program” repeated week after week. You should be using training as a tool to elevate your life. There are many lessons to be learned when one pushes themselves past exhaustion — You will see what you are really made of. Are you learning these valuable lessons from […]

4 Mandatory Exercises for Size & Strength

If time is something you are lacking excess of, 2 hours in the gym is out of the question. If you need to be in and out of the gym as fast as possible and want to maximize your time while you are there, here is a list of 4 mandatory exercises that I recommend […]

Metroflex Gym Powerbuilding Basics. It is a training style coined by the fellas Brian Dobson and Josh Bryant of Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas

Powerbuilding Your Way to a Thick Frame

If you want a frame packed with dense muscles as opposed to the beach-body inflated look, then you need to lift heavy weight. There is a reason blue collar workers who lift heavy shit have thick, dense forearms and necks. Next time you see a guy who only lifts light weight for high repetitions, look […]

Be a Wolf. A Life of Comfort Is No Life at All

The lessons (l)earned in life are best learned the hard way. Sure it is good to listen to wise men and women about wrong paths to avoid, but avoiding hard work altogether is a recipe for a soft body and mind. Nothing clears the mind like a long walk, and nothing cleanses the soul like […]

3 days a week for an awesome physique

Just 3 Hours a Week For An Awesome Physique

Back in the day, pre-steroid era, bodybuilders like Steve Reeves (picture below) achieved an amazing physique working out 3 times a week and training their whole body each time they trained. It was only until bodybuilders started using steroids that their training frequency increased because they recovered faster from each workout. The typical way the average […]

3 easy recipes for the growing dad

3 Easy Recipes for The Growing Dad

Here are 3 easy recipes for the growing dad: my favorite go-to recipes when I am on the go. I would rather take the 10 minutes of prep time to make my meals than go out and eat some crap. When you are trying to build muscle you need to eat to grow. All of these […]

Gain Size and Strength With This Rugged Routine

Try this routine out if you are busy, but still trying to gain size and strength. All you need is access to a gym and 45 minutes, 4 times a week. This routine is a blend of strength training and high volume training (for size). You need to challenge yourself if you want to grow […]

macros (protein, carbs, fat)

Lose Belly Fat in 5 Steps or Less

Losing fat is more than “eating right”, it is about being in a caloric deficit daily, and using a strategic amount of proteins, carbs, and fats to make up your daily caloric intake. I am going to lay out 5 simple steps and all you have to do is follow these steps to finally meet your fat loss […]

What age should Children Workout

What Age Should Children Workout?

Can our children workout, or are they too young? Damn right they can workout! Once they are able to run they should be encouraged to be active, which will keep them in the best shape they can be from the get go. On top of  inactivity, poor food choices on the parents’ end is also a cause of overweight […]

Get Your Edge Back With Cold Showers

Get Your Edge Back With Cold Showers

You ever feel like you are dragging throughout the day and do not have the mental toughness to get yourself to the gym and have an ass-kicking workout? If you answered yes, congratulations — you are human. I myself was feeling the same way a couple of weeks ago and I felt like my edge […]

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