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Sawyer Venom Extractor Kit

Sawyer Venom Extractor Review

Any avid outdoorsman knows the effects of wasp and bee stings. Some may even experience the painful effects of a venomous snake or spider bite. I personally have an allergic reaction every time I’m stung by a red wasp which is usually no less than one time each year. Today marked the first sting for […]

Yamaha Roadstar 1600 motorcycle

Motorcycle Man And Wife

As a rancher I have quite a few old pieces of machinery sitting around under my tree lines and in my fields. They are usually outdated and have been replaced by new, more efficient models. A couple of years ago I traded my old wore out 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee Tractor to an old man […]

Playing in the mud Mud play

Mud Play: A Little Dirt Don’t Hurt

Antibacterial soap.  Hand sanitizer.  Germ killing aerosol spray.  Some parents try to keep their kids as sterile as possible. I have a different theory. “Dirt don’t hurt.” Do I like a good hand washing? Yes I do. But I’ve witnessed many parents work to keep their kids from playing in the dirt. My theory is […]

things every hiker should carry

9 Things Every Hiker Should Carry

Day hiking can be fun, but hikers should always be prepared for the worst. And while you want to keep your pack light, there are necessary items you’ll want to bring with you. Here are the 9 things every hiker should carry. These items will keep you safe and healthy in most extreme situations. So without further […]

What The Zoo Taught Me About Successful Fathering

What The Zoo Taught Me About Successful Fathering

Well it’s been months since my last blog and two months since our third boy, Gabriel was born. Whoever said “It’s all the same after your second one” was so wrong. At least for me. As an avid outdoorsman I purely enjoy my time in the sun but starting over again with an infant in […]

Winter Camping Gear

Winter Camping Must Haves

For any outdoorsman, there’s no better place in the world than being close to nature. But when it comes to winter camping, nature can be a miserable place if not prepared. That’s why I’ve put together this short list of winter camping necessities.   1. What To Wear for Winter Camping The most deadly combination […]

cowboyCompass foreign exchange student

Mi Casa Es Su Casa: Our Foreign Exchange Student

This year marks a first for my family. A BIG first. Something that we never thought we’d do or that we even considered before. As a matter of fact, this was so far off our radar that we’d have come closer to joining a commune. It’s funny how things change so quickly. How new possibilities […]

Your first bb gun

Top 3 Starter BB Guns For Kids

  Some of my fondest memories of childhood are following my dad on hunts while carrying my BB gun. I would mimic his movements following closely through the great outdoors. At the end of each outing he would spend time teaching me how to handle, aim and become accurate while shooting tin cans. I’ll never […]

Camping Smokies

Return to the Smokies, Part 2

So there we were. Right smack dab in the middle of the Smokies in the middle of nowhere, feeling ready for adventure. And let me tell you, the Smokies brought all the adventure we could stand by the end of the weekend. Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right? This […]

TP in the Smokies

Return To The Smokies Part 1

It’s been three years since my last adventure on horseback in the Smoky Mountains. It was an adventure I will never forget and full of great accomplishments like traveling into a land on my horse that most will never see the beauty of. It was a learning experience as well. The Smoky Mountains are an […]

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