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Donut Holes & Why We Truly We Live In An Age Of Wonders

They’ve made hover boards. I don’t know if you knew that. You can buy a jet pack now, too. Seriously. A dude with with both legs amputated won a race at the Olympics. He was later convicted of killing his girlfriend, but the point is still valid. And my son can eat donut holes. Truly, […]

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Cookies Are Not Weapons

I am, if I can flatter myself, a connoisseur of the Kung Fu Movies. I know the difference between Andy Lao and Andy Lao, I’ve even seen the movie where Jackie Chan plays a bad guy – if somebody gets kicked in the head on film, then I’ve probably seen it. The creativity of the […]

Professor Fizzy

Professor Fizzy, You’ve Won Me Over

Does anybody else remember that fruity pebbles commercial in the early 90’s where Barney raps? “I’m MC Rubble and I’m here to say, I love fruity pebbles in a major way?” Anybody? Bueller? I just remember, even as a kid, feeling that embarrassment you feel when you see someone make an utter ass of themselves: […]

First, Get the Pancake cookies

Grilled Hubris With Bacon

Everybody gets all het up about Oedipus marrying his mama. And, you know, as well they should. But the lead up to all that is equally if not more important and often gets lost in the shuffle. The thing is, Oedipus was pretty securely convinced that he was hard core, and that’s where his trouble […]

like mom used to make

Just Like Mom Used To Make

In Anthony Bourdain’s breakout opus, Kitchen Confidential, he tells a story about working in a fancy-schmancy hotel restaurant in NYC. One day, these mafia guys swagger in, and one finds a cook, slips him some cash, and tells him to make some gnocchi “just like mom used to make”. The cook then spends the next […]

First, Get the Pancake cookies

To Bean, Or Not To Bean with Jelly Bellies

Little Man has a notion about Jelly Beans. Or, as he calls them, Jelly Bellies. He started talking about them occasionally, he would spot them in the store and ask about them. I’m guessing it’s from one of the BBC cartoons on his regular rotation -Peppa Pig, Charlie & Lola, maybe. Wherever they came from, […]

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Nature vs. Nurture vs. Curry

Not every papa is as lucky as me. There are parents out there who never quite click with their kids. Parents who try their best, but who get no moments of true connection with their children. Only frustration, and the absence of frustration. Not me. Yes, I have my share of frustration. Trying to get […]

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Peep This, Yo

I’m a fan of Peeps. I can’t bring myself to eat them – they’re disgusting, but I do love the myriad ways in which they’ve transcended food. As much as they ever were food. But so Peep dioramas, Peep jousting, Peeps riding Rhoombas wearing Shark Costumes: they’re less sugary crap than they are an artistic […]

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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Refreshing Sorbet

F*** you, Winter. I may be presumptive: I mean, we did get snow this last week, and we could conceivably get another blizzard (or two!) yet, but really, Winter can eat a pail of diapers. If you don’t live in MN (or other comparable latitudes), you can’t understand how galactically done we are with winter. […]

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There is Nothing You Donut Reveal

Sherlock Holmes may have been on to something. That whole deduction thing he did? With the looking at some guy’s watch and knowing that he comments on youtube videos and sleeps with a chainsaw under the bed? That had legs. I may not be quite to that level yet, but I do think I’ve got […]

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