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Down In The Dumps – A Question of Focus

I’m going to say that Fatherhood brings focus to a man. And it will be funny that I say this. Any father will get the joke – or mother, for that matter. Anyone who’s ever walked into a room and forgotten why. Anyone who’s ever found themselves standing with a bowl of spaghetti and a […]

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They Call It Comfort Food For A Reason

This should post on, or right after Thanksgiving. I’m not sure what the state of the nation will be then – there’s  a lot going on across the country right now. A lot that makes me thankful to have the problems I do. Pie will not bring about justice. Pie will not heal the problems […]

Ham Sandwich

The Ham Sandwich Cuts Both Ways

You’re never going to win. Really. You’re not. Accept it. No matter what you put on that monkey plate, the dude’s going to eat what he’s going to eat. You can read parenting articles, cook fancy recipes, you can buy out the deli at Whole Foods if you’ve got a few thousand dollars laying around. […]

potato prep_opt

Tuber, Or Not Tuber: There’s No Question When it Comes to the Potato

Incas, I thank you. I know you guys got hosed on a European Colonial degree, and I know any apologies I tender on my food & fatherhood blog will feel like Amerigo Vespucci apologizing for Justin Bieber: certainly nice to hear, but a little removed from the events in question. But for real, I’m sorry. […]

cider the goat_opt apple picking

Apple Picking. I Like Dem Apples. I Like Dem Just Fine.

It’s November, I know, but the sun is out. Yes, I should have written this post a month ago, but as anyone could tell you who’s ever left a toddler in a room for a minute then come back to find a stuffed cat in the toilet, parenting often happens after the fact. We’re big […]

Halloween Treats

The Cadillac Of Minivans Of Halloween Treats

When I was first learning to ride a bike, I never worried too much about braking. You know that thing they do in the movies where they turn sideways and the back wheel skids to a stop? I figured I’d just do that. Everybody would try to tell me about pedaling backwards (I learned on […]

This One’s For You. And By “You” I Mean Me.

It’s not that you lose all the things that you enjoy when you become a father, it’s just that they change. Maybe you used to enjoy playing video games. Now you enjoy sleeping. Maybe social activities with friends once put a smile on your face. Now you enjoy sleeping. Did you ever count the days […]


Bit Him, Too

I find, as I trudge closer to my death and farther away from a time when I believed pro wrestling to be real, I find that I like things with a bitter taste. Hoppy beers, dark chocolate, the Wire, I’m not saying I’d choose it over bacon, but they definitely figure largely on my spending […]

Close Examination_opt science

Keep Your Science Out Of My Souffle.

Don’t get me wrong, I like science. Hard science, soft science, weird science – I support the whole big shebang. Logic, experimentation, very low expectations of social skills: long has science been a refuge for my bespectacled people. But the thing about science is that it’s about constant progress. Science as a concept is a […]

food origins

Backstory Du Jour: Food Origins

One advantage to having a kid who can’t digest corn or wheat is that we don’t eat a lot of processed foods. Pretty much anything you have to unwrap to eat probably has corn in it. You can put that directly beneath Kim & Kanye having marital issues on your Big Ironic List of Surprising […]

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