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CatchFirst, Get the Pancake

Still Life with Curry and Owl Cup

It’s Like Tim Curry, Except, You Know…Not.

There are several culinary truisms that I’ve come to hold as…you know, truisms. First: It tastes better if you chop it yourself. B: Don’t be afraid of salt, butter, or garlic. And bullet point: cook once, cook big. This last one translates to big pots of stew, casseroles, pasta, etc. All of which are delicious, […]

First, Get the Pancake cookies

A Toast To the Roast

It’s happened again. The honeymoon’s over, gone are the proverbial salad days. Sunburned schlubs all over the Great White North are grudgingly hanging up their speedos and eating slightly less ice cream as we stop pretending and surrender to reality. Like Wormtail always goes back to Voldemort, even though he’s a jerk, so Minnesotans gird […]

Everything I Needed to Know About Fatherhood I Learned In the Kitchen

It’s entirely possible to stumble through a day of dadding and not learn a thing: you haven’t really slept, you haven’t had that fifth espresso, you’re probably hungry and let’s face it, you’ve got priorities. I do not judge. It’s also entirely possible to go through your life with no idea how to cook. Between […]

Prelude to a dice

Chop, Collaborate and Listen.

Last night I bought mushrooms. I was going to make a curry that longed for mushrooms, and I considered the package of whole criminis or package of sliced. Again, they’re going in curry, they’re gonna be sliced anyway, and (for a little context here) it takes me  a week to watch a 2 hour movie. […]

First, Get the Pancake cookies

Beer Makes It Better

Any writer will tell you – the worst part about writing is writing. After your full time job, after your other full time job as a baby-daddy, after you’ve paid the bills and done the dishes and made yourself and the house somewhat presentable, finding time to wrangle commas and consonants will always lose the […]

First, Get the Pancake cookies

Noodles Nocturne

Those big strollers, that should have been the giveaway. There are some things you can anticipate as a new parent, some things they warn you about and you actually pay attention. Sleep- you know won’t sleep again, no surprise there. And it’s obvious there will be all manner of equipment one should have. And if […]

steambasket cat

Steam It To the Man

I’ll admit it, I’m an armchair revolutionary. If your Facebook status was “It’s not a revolution until someone gets hurt” I would totally like it. I might even share it. I listen to Michael Franti and Brother Ali…on the iPod my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. I’ll discuss the Arab Spring, and Domestic Wiretapping and […]

Guacamole Ingredients

It’s Not Actually Pronounced “Whack A Mole”

  Like a fat man on a merry go round, the Earth’s massive corpulence does swing itself around yet again, stealing our precious summer and giving it back to Argentina. Isn’t it enough that they have Gauchos and the forbidden dance? Must they take everything from us? But not yet! We’ve got weeks, yet. Weeks, […]

Knit Nunchucks

The Best Laid Plans

A friend once told me: women are all about babies. Holding babies, cuddling babies, where men are more interested in the kid when they can teach them cool stuff. This was certainly the case with me. While bellies were swelling and all my old stuff was being thrown out I had visions of pedagogy. I […]

Dad Making Pancakes with Son

First, Get the Pancake

Know what’s awesome? Eating. Eating rules. Pathological’s a strong word, especially for something you do to live, but me and eating? It’s kinda pathological. A disproportionate amount of my life has been spent thinking about eating. Or eating. The international traveling I’ve done – Thailand, Italy, Scotland, etc. – has been influenced by food. Scotland […]

Father's Day