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Engagement Dad and Daughter Sledding

-Engagement: It’s Not Just for Moms Anymore

Engagement: It’s Not Just for Moms Anymore How to Be More Engaged With Your Kids as a Dad     Recently I’ve been doing some reflecting on the complexity of fatherhood.  There are just so many responsibilities, rules, regulations, lessons, advice, do this, don’t do that, etc. It can get insanely overwhelming. Can I get […]

Sophia Beckman

Help! My 7 Year-Old Daughter Thinks She’s Fat

  “Dad, do I have a big belly?”    My 7-year old asks as she’s pressing her shirt super tight and looking sadly into the mirror. “No…your belly is your belly. You don’t have a big belly or small belly. You simply just have a belly.” Two days later she asked me again, and then […]

Wedding DJ

The Real Reason I Became a Wedding DJ

It’s 7:32pm. I’m watching 210 people eat a dried out piece of chicken and some sort of potato side dish. I’m listening to the sweet sounds of Dean Martin, and  Frank Sinantra. In about 30 min’s 4 people will stand up and give a toast that inevitably will say something like “Ken, the moment that […]


3 Tips for a Relaxing Restaurant Rendezvous (w/ little ones)

Earlier this winter, I took my 3 children ages (7, 3, and 9 months) to a sit-down restaurant. You may think I’m straight up insane for attempting such a feat. Or maybe after reading my post about whitey tighties, you may have already come to this conclusion already. Here’s the story… My daughter Sophia (7) […]

Daily Menu for New Parents

Remember when you were a New Parent?

Veteran parents… Take a moment and think back to when you were expecting for the first time. Do you remember your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, excitement, etc…? It’s easy to forget. Last week I spent some time with 2 of my good friends Justin and Mesa in Fort Collins, CO.   They are the proud parents […]

Power Squats for Optimal Parenting

Power Squats; Heavy Lifting for Optimal Parenting

News Flash! Parenting is tough! It challenges every fiber in your being. Some weeks I feel great…I stayed patient, and calm; I listened to their needs and empathized with their struggles;  I shut down the laptop and say “yes” to the things that are important to them. Other weeks are the opposite…I’m quick to anger […]

The price of a nanny

Nanny vs Daycare

Hello party people, Today we will chat about the ever so exciting topic of child care providers. Stay calm. Although this may not be an action-packed Chuck-Norris-style of post, people have been asking a lot of questions about it lately…so I’m guessing they’re thinking about it or at  the very least interested to thoughts on […]

Tobey the Shih Tzu

Parting With a Pet. Good Choice or Cowardly Parenting?

In 2004 my wife Jess and I got our first pet…a puppy. This was before children, and we thought “A pet. What a great way to start gearing up for the responsibilities that a child would bring.”    How many of you had that same thought? My wife wanted a breed that wouldn’t shed, that […]


Good vs. Great Schools: Top 5 Things to Look For

Many people don’t think twice about where they are sending their kids.   They think a school is a school is a school, and if we can be invested and involved as parents that’s the most important thing. I disagree. Considering our kids are at their schools for 7 + hours everyday, it’s important that we […]

My little noodle monster

When Did I Become a Short-Order Cook?

How many times have you heard something like this at the dinner table… My 3-year-old: “I don’t like it.” Me: “You haven’t even tried it…I need you to give it a chance.” 3-year-old: “No.” Me: “C’mon buddy…all you’ve had for the last 48 days is noodles….I need you to try a piece of broccoli” (or […]

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