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Moments of Apprecaition (awesomeness) can be seen in our kids everyday. Do you see them? Are you becoming an awesome dad?

One Secret Step to Becoming an Awesome Dad

I felt the warmth of the sun surrounding my body. I was looking at a stunning view of a white sand, tropical beach for the first time. With a rum punch in my hand and Caribbean music filling the air. I was amazed, it was and awesome sight. Deep breathe in, let it out slowly. […]

When did we forget to have fun and take life too seriously?

What’s the Single Parent’s Number One Problem?

I had yet another argument with my youngest son Jake the other day (well he’s 15 and an argument is an every week occurrence). It was about doing his homework and turning it in on time; he had three missing assignments. He commented to me – “Well what about all the other ones I did […]

They seem innocent stepping onto the bus, but will they do their homework when they get home? Seven tips for single parent survival.

Homework: What’s With Kids These Days? Seven Tips for Single Parent Survival

Are my kids the only kids that don’t like to do homework? I’m two for two in that category, both my boys loathe homework. Do your kids like to do homework? What’s going on with kids in this world these days? I remember when I was in high school (oh boy I can hear my […]

Single Parent Dating Tips: how do you find time?

Time and Tide: Six Tips for Single Parent Dating

No, no, no – not the “tide” as in tides of change or the ebb and flow of life. Tide as in the laundry detergent. Between my professional life, being a dad and needing to do household chores, my time is limited, especially for Bruce time. No, not like “me” time, I mean “Bbbrruuuccceee time” […]

The ins and outs of online dating, be bold, have fun and enjoy the journey.

Fish, Harmony, Zoosk, Cupid … oh My

Read part 1 of my series about dating after divorce, When to start the dating game again?     “Hey, you’ve got a great smile. Where did you go on your trip to England?” (I waited a few days. Nothing.) “jf6uy7hj676j67h67hyuj767uyj6hmymbv. Oh, sorry. I tried so hard to think of something witty to say I fell […]

What do baggage, bios, butterflies and boys all have in common?

What do baggage, bios, butterflies and boys all have in common? No they don’t all start with “B”. Well, they do, but that’s not the answer. It’s my dating life; dodging baggage, drafting bios, dampening butterflies and daddying my boys. Dating as an adult is different. We’re older and more “seasoned” or “mature” (seriously? it’s more […]

Don't live your life like a zombie, dads need to slow down and be present with their kids.

Wait, who’s the new kid in my house?

Okay, so if you’re following my blogs, I am gratefully reporting that I survived yet another zombie-sushi Wednesday (Black Ops II: Zombies is intense). But a funny thing happened this time, I really began to notice my son, Jake; what he stands for, who he is, the difference he wants to make in the world. […]


Help! Zombies Invade My Home Every Wednesday

The alarm rings at 6:15 am. I slog out of bed, rub my eyes and put on my glasses, can’t see without them. After getting my son out to the bus stop, it’s off to work … until 6 pm. I fight traffic and get home by 6:30. A few nights a week, I work […]

If you are a single parent, you have to learn to let go of the small stuff.

But the Garbage Bag is Just 6-inches Away!

There we were, driving to my brother’s house for Christmas dinner. I stopped into the convenience store to get a snack. When Jake was done, he left the wrapper on the console of the car by the shift, just six inches away from the garbage bag. Why not just throw the wrapper in the garbage? […]

It's not the gift, it's the memory of the hunt.

Making the Holidays Special is the True Treasure

You can see the eagerness in his face, a smile with wide-eyed anticipation. His head darts up and down as his hands spread the branches apart to get a better look. Then … he finds it; Jake’s first clue in finding his prized Christmas gift. “Sometimes I get tongue-tied.” “Hmm. What could that mean?” he […]

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