Customer Service

The Cooper Kit Basics

What is in a Cooper Kit?
Each kit is filled with 6-9 activities that explore a particular theme, such as flight, magic, robot dinosaurs on a medieval alien planet made of chocolate chip cookie dough, fitness, etc. The activities can be done in a weekend, or spread out over several weeks. Each kit also includes a book, themed recipes, an activity booklet and online parenting and topical resources for dad. The kits are richly designed, adventuresome and injected with a sense of humor. And for a super bonus, the shipping box is designed to turn into a themed project or toy. Basically, each Cooper Kit is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

For what age is the Cooper Kit appropriate?
The Cooper Kit was designed for dads with kids between the ages of 5 – 9. Since the dad will be involved in the activities and will add his child specific know-how, the age span may be expanded to 4 to 10, depending on the child. The kit is also safe for dads of all ages.

Can the child do the activities unsupervised?
The kits were designed for dads and kids to do together and some projects require the skills, input, stories and wisdom of an adult.

I am not a dad. Can I still use the kit?
Yes. While we designed the kit with the father figure in mind, it does not mean that moms, uncles, grandfathers, family friends, neighbors, nannies, teachers, etc. can’t use and enjoy the kit with their favorite little ones.

Does the kit include everything I need?
Each kit includes a wide variety of projects, from cooking to building to decorating. These activities may require you to have a few basic household items, such as cookware, a simple tool kit, scissors and crayons. All other project necessities, such as treasure maps, pixie dust, and dinosaur feathers, will be provided by Cooper & Kid.

How can I share our Cooper Kit experience?
We’d love to hear from you, so please send us stories of your Cooper Kit experiences at info[at]cooperandkid[dot]com. We also invite you to share with other Cooper & Kid dads by posting photos and comments on our Facebook page at and Twitter @CooperandKid.

Why do you ask for the child’s name and birthday?
Birthdays rock… especially when you’re 7. We’d like to email you a birthday bonus that you can use to celebrate your child’s birthday.


What types of subscriptions are available?
We offer two types of subscription plans; Quarterly and Yearly. Quarterly Subscriptions receive one Cooper Kit every three months and renew automatically. Yearly Subscriptions prepay for a year of Cooper Kits (total of four…one per quarter) and receive a discount of $24. After one year, your subscription will renew automatically for another year. At any time, you can switch from a quarterly to a yearly plan or cancel your subscription. If you have purchased a Yearly Subscription and are unable to use all of your future prepaid kits, please contact us to discuss options.

How do I change my account information?
You can log-in to your account on our website to change your payment details and mailing address. Please change your mailing address by at least 3 weeks before a kit mailing date (click here to see when kits are mailed).

How do subscriptions work?
You sign up once at either the yearly or quarterly subscription level and will automatically receive Cooper Kits every 3 months until you cancel your subscription. For quarterly subscriptions, Cooper & Kid will charge your credit card automatically once every 3 months when a kit is mailed to you. For yearly subscriptions, you will be charge for a full year of kits in advance for a discount. We do the work. You make the memories. Easy.

Shipping and Billing

Cooper Kits ship every 3 months. Which months in particular? And does my sign-up date affect when I get my first kit?
Cooper Kits are released into the world in March, June, September, and December and they ship between the 15th and 20th of each month, but we keep extra in stock for those who sign-up within the first four weeks following our ship dates (while supplies last). If you sign up for the first time within the first four weeks after a ship date (March 16th – April 15th, June 16th – July 15th, September 16th – October 15th, or December 16th – January 15th), we’ll ship out your Cooper Kit right away (while supplies last) and your future Cooper Kits will ship on the standard March, June, September, and December ship dates. If you sign up after the four week window, your first kit will ship on the next ship date. We’ll send you an email at the time of your order detailing when you will receive your first and subsequent kits.

When will my Cooper Kit arrive?
We ship via USPS Priority from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Domestic shipments typically take 3 – 7 days, depending on your distance from Minnesota.

Do you offer international shipping?
We do, but not directly through our website. If you live outside the US, please email us at info[at]cooperandkid[dot]com and we’ll discuss international shipping rates for your location. If you live on a private tropical island, we may personally deliver your Cooper Kit.

Can I track my shipment?
Yes. When we mail out your Cooper Kit, we’ll send you (or your gift recipient) an email with the tracking number for your Cooper Kit. To better guarantee that you receive these emails and they are not blocked as junk mail, please add to your email friends list.

I am going on vacation. Can you hold my kit until I return?
You can hold your shipments for up to sending an email to customerservice[at]cooperandkid[dot]com. Indicate when you will return, and we will hold your kits and mail them to you after your return date.

When is my credit card charged?
If you purchase a yearly membership, your card will be charged for the full membership upon signing up. If you purchase on the quarterly program, your card will be charged for your first box at the time of signing up and then on the 1st of each shipping month (January, April, July and October) for your subsequent boxes.

Sales tax
State tax regulations require that Cooper & Kid collects 7.775%sales tax on orders being shipped and handled in Minnesota.All sales tax collected is paid to the state of Minnesota as applicable (where the merchandise has been shipped). Note, gift card purchases do not include sales tax. If your gift recipient redeems their gift for shipment in Minnesota,they will be charged sales tax at the time of their gift redemption.

Sales tax is boring…. here’s a dinosaur.

customer service page dinosaur


Can I send a gift message with the kit?
At check-out, you’ll find a form field to enter a gift message that will be included on their first kit.

We’ll also send you a message detailing the gift, which you can give to your friend to inform them that they will receive their first kit shortly. We do not communicate with gift recipients until their first kit ships.

If you would like them to be notified of their gift please contact customerservice[at]cooperandkid[dot]com and we can send them a special email on the date of your choice.

Lucky me! Someone gave me a gift certificate. What do I do next?

First off, look in the mirror and feel loved. Then sign up for the Cooper Kit and enter the gift certificate code during the check-out process. The gift certificate credit will be applied to your account and used towards your subscription of choice automatically.

I purchased a yearly subscription as a gift. Can I indicate when it should start?

To hold your shipment, please send an email to customerservice[at]cooperandkid[dot]com and indicate when we should start sending the kits.

What happens when a yearly gift subscription ends?
In the fourth and final kit of the yearly subscription, your lucky recipient will find a note reminding them that this is their last box and to renew. We will also send them an email notifying them of the end of the subscription and reminding them to renew.

Cancellations and Returns

How do I cancel my subscription?
We offer full refund within 48 hours of purchase. All membership options can be refunded within this period. Since we process credit card payments on the first day of the shipment month, quarterly subscribers can cancel their subscriptions and not receive any more kits if cancelled before the 1st of the shipping month. Yearly members and gift certificate purchase may not be cancelled after the 48 hour window.

Please note that after 48 hours, all sales are final. Membership can be transferred at any time by sending an email to customerservice[at]cooperandkid[dot]com. To update your address or change your credit card details, please log in to your account.

What if I don’t like what I receive?
If you find that you don’t immediately love each kit or that you don’t grow attached to the service over time, we recommend that you give up your membership.

Cooper Kit shipments are not returnable. However, if any materials included in your kit are damaged or defective, email us at customerservice[at]cooperandkid[dot]com and we will be happy to replace those items for you.


What is Catch?
Catch is an online magazine for men as fathers. It’s updated daily with new articles and stories by 7 straight-talking, humorist dads who explore the topics of fitness and health, entertainment, play, outdoor skills, cooking, new choices and man dates. Check it out. Learn some stuff. Share some stuff. Laugh.

How can I become a guest blogger?
If you’ve got a unique story, perspective or topical expertise to share and are good with the written word, send us an email at info[at]cooperandkid[dot]com.