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New Musical Comedy Web Series from The Pop Ups

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Pop Ups Web Comedy Series Basketball Screenshot

Pop Ups Web Comedy Series Logo

Edutainment web series (Alphabet Rockers) and even comedic animated movies (Josh and the Jamtones) are not untamed territory in the world of kindie rock but what The Pop Ups are doing with their brand new web series is something unique and special. In pairing new original music with live action comedic interludes and puppets, the Brooklyn duo is giving internet audiences a small taste of what lucky live crowds get every time the 2-time Grammy nominees take the stage. Basically, it’s like musical tapas for the kindie rock generation.

Pop Ups Web Comedy Series Basketball Screenshot

Check out some of the recent Pop Ups episodes, like “Ball – Make It A Puppet” which has the boys on the basketball court:

“Letter O with Ollie the Owl” starring Up and Down, from the band’s first puppet musical Pasta!

And “Colors – What’s That Smell?”

Rad music, charming puppets, and the always terrific Jason and Jacob from The Pop Ups, add up to a fresh web series with new episodes rolling out all summer long. With each video just 2-4 minutes long, these funny little gems are perfect for waiting in the doctor’s office or at home in the comfort of A/C during the heat of July. Find The Pop Ups web series easily on the YouTube Kids app!

YouTube Kids Pop Ups

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