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This or That? from Peaceable Kingdom, A Great After Dinner Game

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This or That? game tokens from Peaceable Kingdom

This or That? game tokens from Peaceable Kingdom

I have had the good fortune to be a reviewer for Peaceable Kingdom games for a while now and I love what they do. Peaceable Kingdom makes wonderful games for kids and families to play together. They make what are known as cooperative games. Games in which all players are trying to win, together. And players can also lose as a team. There are also games that have no winners and no losers and that the category that “This or That?” falls into. I learned about the game at Toy Fair and I was so impressed with it that I asked for a review copy when I had a chance. I received one for free to play with and review.

My original intention for the game was to use it as an icebreaker for a home party that we were hosting. We never got around to it so the game sat on the shelf for a while. Then one night at dinner Eva asked if we could play it after we ate. After playing it I was kicking myself for waiting so long to play.

This or That? game from Peaceable Kingdom

This or That is a simple game. There is a bag of tokens that have two things on each side. They are choices of “This or That?”. There may be choices between two things that you like or two things that you don’t like. It is up to you to choose one of the answers. So, there is a bag of these tokens, you pick one out, read it to yourself decide upon your answer and then read it to the gathered group. The group will then decide which answer that they thing you chose. It is a great way to get to know people and a fun icebreaker.

This or That? game bag and  tokens from Peaceable Kingdom

When we played we had a lot of laughter because my son was a laugh riot. After we would guess his answer he would point to each person around the table and say “Correct!” or give you a Thumbs Down. It is just funny having a 3 year old telling you that something is correct in that three year old voice. We had a lot of fun and it was a great way to keep the whole family at the table longer and engaging with each other. The game is also great for car rides or any other time that you might find yourself with a few minutes to spare. It is easy to play and portable.

There are also some black tokens that are “All Play” where each person answers the same question. Those are fun because they give greater insight into each other and our thoughts, ideas and dreams.

The game says that it is for 10+ but honestly, it is great for all ages who can make choices between two things. We can read the questions for my son and my daughter who is 7 can read the questions easily enough. So I think this game works for ages much younger than 10+

Till Next Time, Get out There and Play!

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