Quarterly Subscription


Quarterly Subscription

$65 / 3 mos


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Product Description

This is the drop dead simple Cooper Kit subscription.
Put it on autopilot. Billed quarterly. Cancel any time! Every three months, you will receive a new Cooper Kit filled with new dad + kid awesome activities.  As a subscriber, you’ll also have your own online Cooper Kit portal where you will get digital resources, tools, games, parenting tips, FYIs and fun stuff related to each kit.


Want to subscribe for someone else?
Easy. Just put in their email and shipping address at checkout, and they will receive both the kits and their own digital resource portal. There is even a place to include a custom gift message in their first box.


What’s in a Cooper Kit?
Visit our Cooper Kit page to learn more about this Instant-Dad-Is-Awesome box.

“My daughter and I have both been absolutely loving the kit. We opened the box together on Saturday morning and proceeded to spend the next three hours building and playing. Played some more with various parts the next day and last night we had a long catapult tournament. (I lost but I’m coping with it alright). It really did not only give us some specific activities to do but also sparked good discussions about physics and memories from my childhood.” – Levi Weinhagen, Pratfalls of Parenting