Sample Kit



Throw stuff, Chuck stuff
and make stuff float away

What’s in a kit? Here’s a peek into a sample Cooper Kit.
In The Secret to How Things Fly you’re given the opportunity to dream of flying and learn a
wee bit about the mechanics of flight. Dads and their co-pilots will explore the secret-sauce to
soaring, historical triumphs and flops, and new creative ways to take to the skies.

Build a Catapult

Build a Catapult

Build your own catapult

Don’t move things from here and there in the usual, boring way. Use a catapult! Better yet, use a wooden one that you build. Passing the peas at the dinner table will never be the same.

Float to the Skies

Sky Lantern

Lift off with a sky lantern and feathers

Explore how to float off the ground with style via two very different classy activities.

Even the Box Turns into a Biplane

Missile Launcher

Thrust forward with Missile Launchers

Learn about thrust, a key component to getting off the ground, with some instantaneously gratifying missile launchers.

Parachute Man

Parachute Man: I’m such a drag

Not just a throwback to dad’s younger days, this timeless classic has an important message to share with aspiring aeronautical teams.

Pigs Do Fly in a Cooper Kit

Do pigs fly? Find out by building (and Crashing) Flugans

When it comes to aerodynamics not all are treated the same on the Animal Farm. Find out who’s got it, who doesn’t and who doesn’t even know they have it with our Flugan Kit.


Explore the master pilot, Mother nature

We humans have always envied the flight of other critters. Explore how they fly circles around us.

Amelia-Earhart Quote

Fly Guy Book

Fly Guy StoryBook

Don’t swat that fly! Take him to bed with you and read a charming tale of his adventures.

Airline Food

Celebrate by cooking and eating airline food

Tasty! This goes beyond today’s peanuts and pop. It’s nostalgic exploration of the culinary treats and dinnerware found only above the clouds. Recipes Included.