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Sawyer Venom Extractor Review

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Sawyer Venom Extractor Kit

Any avid outdoorsman knows the effects of wasp and bee stings. Some may even experience the painful effects of a venomous snake or spider bite. I personally have an allergic reaction every time I’m stung by a red wasp which is usually no less than one time each year. Today marked the first sting for this year.

While opening a gate to check my horses today I enraged an unseen nest of wasps hidden within the framework of the gate. I didn’t even know it until I felt that familiar sharp piercing pain followed by an intense burning sensation. It stung me right in the ankle! It’s what I get for wearing shorts and no shoes on a farm but I wasn’t planning on sparring with such a formidable opponent. But that’s just how it happens, when you least expect it. I knew I had to do something quickly before I began to have a reaction so after doing what looked like a Michael Jackson dance and saying some things I’m not proud of I went straight for my Tactical First Aid kit.

Sawyer Venom Extractor Kit

One of my kit items is the Sawyer Venom Extractor Kit. It’s a suction venom extractor and though I hadn’t used it yet in a real life scenario I had practiced the instructions listed in the kit itself.

I quickly cleaned the wound with the provided alcohol prep pad then attached the extractor pump to the sting. Within minutes  I could feel relief and strangely enough see venom filled fluid being extracted from my ankle. I left it on the site for the recommended time, released the suction and swabbed the site with the provided sting relief wipe.

IMG_1519_opt Sawyer Venom Extractor Kit Inside

I’m one hour in as I’m writing this review and though there is a stinging feeling it is minimal and best of all there is very little swelling. Without the use of the kit my ankle would have swollen to the point of not being able to wear my boots and it would stay that way for days.

The Sawyer Venom Extractor Kit not only treats wasp stings but also: bee and hornet stings, and tick, mosquito, fly, spider and snake bites. Provided in the kit are a variety of suction cups sized for specific bites or stings for optimal extraction. It will be the best kit for under $20.00 that you’ll ever buy when you really need it. REI sells one on their site. Click here to see more!

For someone like me or any outdoorsman the Sawyer Venom Extractor Kit is a necessary component of any First Aid Kit.

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