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5 Exercises That Build Popeye Forearms

What muscles are exposed when you are wearing a t shirt? If you guessed the neck and forearms you are correct. You can tell a man has brute strength if his neck is thick and if he has the  forearms of a construction worker. So how does one go about building his forearms? It sure […]

Launch Loot Crate

Loot Crate: A Crateful of Geek and Gamer Loot for Dad

At Toy Fair with Loot Crate Founder Matt. Separated at birth? Very few subscription services are as cool as the Cooper Kit. One service that I love is Dollar Shave Club. However, that isn’t about play but rather a cheap alternative to expensive razors and even though I’m a burly bushy faced guy I do […]

Brazil Archer

How to make a serious bow and arrow

Archery can be a satisfying hobby. And even if you never actually hunt wild game it’s exciting just to see the arrow soar with such ease. As a matter of fact, in 1971 Harry Drake shot an arrow over a mile away to set the current world record. In this article you’ll learn how to […]

Drew's Desk Full of Toys

How Many Toys Are Too Many?

I’m a big kid who has never outgrown toys. I mean honest-to-goodness toys. I’m also a collector. I’ve been collecting Transformers since I was 10 years old. I collect comic books, LEGO and MEGA Bloks. A couple years ago I started collecting Skylanders. I’m a huge fan of toys. I like them so much that […]

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