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Playing in the mud Mud play

Mud Play: A Little Dirt Don’t Hurt

Antibacterial soap.  Hand sanitizer.  Germ killing aerosol spray.  Some parents try to keep their kids as sterile as possible. I have a different theory. “Dirt don’t hurt.” Do I like a good hand washing? Yes I do. But I’ve witnessed many parents work to keep their kids from playing in the dirt. My theory is […]

Open Wide Crocodile Dentist

The Anticipation of Laughter with Crocodile Dentist

I’m part of a Hasbro program called #PlayLikeHasbro and so I receive some fun toys and games to play with and review. Recently I received some great toys related to the Avengers, Transformers Robots in Disguise and Rescue Bots. I also received a game called Crocodile Dentist, which at first I wasn’t so interested in […]

Stack and Smash Tallest Builds

Review: Cooper & Kid Stack and Smash Cooper Kit!

My kids look forward to receiving the Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit for review. We recently received the latest which was Stack and Smash. I get the kits to review because I am a writer for the Cooper & Kid site. I was also involved in the creation of this kit. I was pretty excited […]

Hall Stars 2 in 1 Shooter for Indoor Play

Indoor Play with Hall Stars

I have a soft spot in my heart for Little Kids Inc. Maybe it is because they are located one town over from me and every time I drive by their place I have to tell anyone in the car that I review their products. Maybe it is because I like Bubbles. Who knows, I […]

So Happy at Swim Class

Treading Water in Swim Class

Most of the time I talk about toys or video games and things like that. This post is not in that vein. I have been taking my son, Andrew, to swimming class for a couple months now. He’s three years old and hasn’t been actively in swim class for over a year. Getting back into […]

Mighty Big Sword - Toy Fair 2015 - Apps

Toy Fair 2015 – There’s an App for That

I recently attended Toy Fair 2015 in New York City at the Javits Center. It was a shorter trip than past years because I did not have the vacation time available. I did pack in four days worth of information into approximately two days and it was super busy. I had appointments scheduled from the […]

The Cooper Kit Make More Music

Resolve to Make More Music in the New Year – Cooper Kit Review

This past week we went to an open house at a friend’s and the night ended musically. The family is very musical and there are instruments all about the house. The kids have access to a wide range of music to listen to as well as instruments to play. They even gave our daughter a […]

fingerprint elves crafts christmas

Fun Crafts for Christmas

It is now less than 10 days away from Christmas and when you have little kids they often want to make things for people. My kids love making art. More so now than ever after watching the Creative Galaxy so much. They love the different arts and crafts projects that are highlighted in the show. […]

Family Photo on Christmas Jammies Destination Holidays

Destination Holidays, A Time to Build New Traditions

I am sure that each person reading this has some special holiday traditions. When I was growing up we would spend our Christmas Eve with my mother’s parents and Christmas Day with anyone who dropped over to our home. Halloween was for driving all over town to visit families and Easter was spent searching for […]

Andrew playing with the Half-Shell Heroes

Half-Shell Heroes for the Pre-School Ninja Turtle Fan

One toy that I was surprised to learn about at Toy Fair, pleasantly so, was the Half-Shell Heroes. This is a line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired toys that are for the three-year old and up crowd. Maybe they have seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show on Nickelodeon, maybe they haven’t. Either […]

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