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Rollors - Backyard Game - Rollors and scoring goal

Ultra Rollors Get the Backyard Party Going

There are plenty of outdoor tailgating games that you can play like cornhole, washers and sports ladder. I got the chance to test out a new game from Malibu Sports & Rec that combines horseshoes and bocce. The game is called Ultra Rollors and it is very simple to play. I brought the game over […]

Andrew with our Versa Bricks Creation

Practical Applications for Versa Bricks

Back in November I told you about a Kickstarter campaign for Versa Bricks. These are six bricks that work with LEGO, Hot Wheels and K’NEX. My Kickstarter reward package of 120 of thee bricks finally arrived. I went overboard and got a ton of the bricks because I wanted to share them with friends and […]

Maker Studio - Finished Submarine with Winch

Make Your Kid’s Imagination Thrive with Maker Studio from ThinkFun

The one booth that I completely missed out on at Toy Fair and that I really wanted to visit was ThinkFun’s booth. I had an appointment but had to leave early so I missed it. If I had gone than I would have gotten a firsthand look at the all new Maker Studio. This brand […]

Stack and Smash Tallest Builds

Review: Cooper & Kid Stack and Smash Cooper Kit!

My kids look forward to receiving the Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit for review. We recently received the latest which was Stack and Smash. I get the kits to review because I am a writer for the Cooper & Kid site. I was also involved in the creation of this kit. I was pretty excited […]

Hall Stars 2 in 1 Shooter for Indoor Play

Indoor Play with Hall Stars

I have a soft spot in my heart for Little Kids Inc. Maybe it is because they are located one town over from me and every time I drive by their place I have to tell anyone in the car that I review their products. Maybe it is because I like Bubbles. Who knows, I […]

Sick Bricks figures with Hats

Get Sucked in to Sick City

At Toy Fair last month the very last booth I visited was SpinMaster. I was down to the wire and had to leave at exactly 1:30pm so I had to get through the booth quickly. The person taking us on the tour mentioned Sick Bricks and asked if we wanted to see them but I […]

So Happy at Swim Class

Treading Water in Swim Class

Most of the time I talk about toys or video games and things like that. This post is not in that vein. I have been taking my son, Andrew, to swimming class for a couple months now. He’s three years old and hasn’t been actively in swim class for over a year. Getting back into […]

Transformers Robots In Disguise toys

A Slew of New Toys and Apps

These past couple of weeks I’ve been sent a number of Spider-Man and Transformers Robots in Disguise toys from Hasbro. I’ve also gone and bought a new Crayola coloring book that works with a new Crayola App. And today I went and picked up some new Transformers Rescue Bots and received a box of Reese’s […]

My Amiibo Collection

Are Nintendo amiibo Figures Worth It?

Right out of the gate I’m gonna say that I am firmly a Skylanders fan. I’ve collected well over 250 figures and yes, that is nuts. I have also collected many of the Disney Infinity figures despite the game being a bit of a letdown. Now there are figures from Nintendo called amiibo. These are […]

Funko Pop Joker Batman-Batman Pops

These Pops are all about Fun

Funko Pop Vinyl figures or “Pops” are incredibly adorable and highly collectible figures with a HUGE following. We have a few of them at our house. I’ve gotten some in various Loot Crates that I received over the years and there were even a couple that I sought out or picked up on a whim. […]

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