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Rollors - Backyard Game - Rollors and scoring goal

Ultra Rollors Get the Backyard Party Going

There are plenty of outdoor tailgating games that you can play like cornhole, washers and sports ladder. I got the chance to test out a new game from Malibu Sports & Rec that combines horseshoes and bocce. The game is called Ultra Rollors and it is very simple to play. I brought the game over […]

Andrew with our Versa Bricks Creation

Practical Applications for Versa Bricks

Back in November I told you about a Kickstarter campaign for Versa Bricks. These are six bricks that work with LEGO, Hot Wheels and K’NEX. My Kickstarter reward package of 120 of thee bricks finally arrived. I went overboard and got a ton of the bricks because I wanted to share them with friends and […]

Maker Studio - Finished Submarine with Winch

Make Your Kid’s Imagination Thrive with Maker Studio from ThinkFun

The one booth that I completely missed out on at Toy Fair and that I really wanted to visit was ThinkFun’s booth. I had an appointment but had to leave early so I missed it. If I had gone than I would have gotten a firsthand look at the all new Maker Studio. This brand […]

Stack and Smash Tallest Builds

Review: Cooper & Kid Stack and Smash Cooper Kit!

My kids look forward to receiving the Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit for review. We recently received the latest which was Stack and Smash. I get the kits to review because I am a writer for the Cooper & Kid site. I was also involved in the creation of this kit. I was pretty excited […]

Sick Bricks figures with Hats

Get Sucked in to Sick City

At Toy Fair last month the very last booth I visited was SpinMaster. I was down to the wire and had to leave at exactly 1:30pm so I had to get through the booth quickly. The person taking us on the tour mentioned Sick Bricks and asked if we wanted to see them but I […]

Transformers Robots In Disguise toys

A Slew of New Toys and Apps

These past couple of weeks I’ve been sent a number of Spider-Man and Transformers Robots in Disguise toys from Hasbro. I’ve also gone and bought a new Crayola coloring book that works with a new Crayola App. And today I went and picked up some new Transformers Rescue Bots and received a box of Reese’s […]

My Amiibo Collection

Are Nintendo amiibo Figures Worth It?

Right out of the gate I’m gonna say that I am firmly a Skylanders fan. I’ve collected well over 250 figures and yes, that is nuts. I have also collected many of the Disney Infinity figures despite the game being a bit of a letdown. Now there are figures from Nintendo called amiibo. These are […]

Funko Pop Joker Batman-Batman Pops

These Pops are all about Fun

Funko Pop Vinyl figures or “Pops” are incredibly adorable and highly collectible figures with a HUGE following. We have a few of them at our house. I’ve gotten some in various Loot Crates that I received over the years and there were even a couple that I sought out or picked up on a whim. […]

Raising Kids Who Think Critically About Art and Culture

Raising Kids Who Think Critically About Art and Culture

We’re a fortunate lot. In the past month, we were lucky enough to stroll around the wonderful Detroit Institute of Art, spying Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait, Monet’s Waterlily Pond (on loan from The Musee D’Orsay in Paris,) along with many other fine works of art. We were also privy to an advanced screening of the new […]

Transformers Collection 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Each year many of my fellow bloggers create a Holiday Gift Guide for so many things. I love toys and so I’ve created this holiday gift guide for you to explore. You’re going to see some toys on her that you won’t find in typical stores and others that you will see everywhere. Each one […]

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