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Are you for or against male circumcision?

Are you for or against male circumcision? [yop_poll id=”11″] Tell us why in the comments below! CIRCUMCISION Men who are circumcised are less likely to get sexually transmitted diseases, which can increase the risk of getting prostate cancer. Circumcision is an important cultural and religious rite in many areas. It may be painful, but there […]

Daily Menu for New Parents

Remember when you were a New Parent?

Veteran parents… Take a moment and think back to when you were expecting for the first time. Do you remember your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, excitement, etc…? It’s easy to forget. Last week I spent some time with 2 of my good friends Justin and Mesa in Fort Collins, CO.   They are the proud parents […]

Manual Shift

Worst Diaper EVER! (pic included)

WARNING!  The Picture at the Bottom of this Post is Breathtaking…in not such good way Very few things get me flustered in this world.  When a curveball gets thrown my way, I generally rise to the occasion, and sometimes even have the wherewithal to knock it out of the park.  However, I am at a […]

Daddy diaper change

Poop is Awesome!

Before kids I had a really tough time with poop.   The mere thought of it made me want to…well…poop. I remember watching in horror when my older sister would stuff her nose into my nephews butt to see if he needed a diaper change. I vowed to myself that I would NEVER do such […]


To Snip or not to Snip…that is the Question

This is a post for dads “to be” as well as the wily vets as well. It was about 2 1/2 years ago when my wife and I were told that our 2nd child was going to be a boy. For about 6 months we talked intensely about having this shift and all of the […]

Beckman Family Photo Expecting their third child

Zone Defense (a.k.a. The 3rd Child)

Oct. 2012, 5:37pm:  When I saw the look on my wife’s face… I knew.  When I heard the intonation in her voice…I doubly knew.   I had experienced that look/voice combo only 2 times before, and on both of the other occasions, I was informed we were having a baby. “Let me guess,” I said, […]

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