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Four Must Read Middle Grade Book Series For Girls

I’ve yet to meet a 10-year-old girl who doesn’t already see a bit of herself in Miss Hermione Granger, making a Harry Potter book recommendation about as useful as a rotary phone. Same goes for Percy Jackson and, for some older tweens, The Hunger Games trilogy. Hopefully, you’ve already taken my advice from last year […]

They seem innocent stepping onto the bus, but will they do their homework when they get home? Seven tips for single parent survival.

Homework: What’s With Kids These Days? Seven Tips for Single Parent Survival

Are my kids the only kids that don’t like to do homework? I’m two for two in that category, both my boys loathe homework. Do your kids like to do homework? What’s going on with kids in this world these days? I remember when I was in high school (oh boy I can hear my […]

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Two Surly Beers and a Man Date

 A Man Date is defined as a special allotted time when two males go out together without their spouses or kids for traditional date like activities. This Week’s Man Date Participants: Todd Smith, magazine columnist and essayist and Cooper & Kid blogger, and best friend Peter Goepfrich, a corporate CFO and father of three boys […]

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Fresh Tunes For The Tween Scene

Rumour has it that your tween daughter already knows, and still adores, Adele. The Grammy Awards have a way of doing that. And maybe they’re hip to Alabama Shakes, St. Vincent, and HAIM too. High fives all around, pops. In this post, I’ve got two handfuls (minus the thumbs) of other musical talents just as […]

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