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Disney Infinity 3.0 - Starter Pack with Anakin Skywalker and Asoka Tano

The Force is Strong with Disney Infinity 3.0

A few weeks ago Disney Infinity 3.0 was announced and the big news that everyone saw coming was that it would be heavily Star Wars focused. True to that end, Disney Infinity 3.0 is the Star Wars version with three playsets and characters from the Original Trilogy, The Prequels, The Clone Wars and even Star […]

Andrew with our Versa Bricks Creation

Practical Applications for Versa Bricks

Back in November I told you about a Kickstarter campaign for Versa Bricks. These are six bricks that work with LEGO, Hot Wheels and K’NEX. My Kickstarter reward package of 120 of thee bricks finally arrived. I went overboard and got a ton of the bricks because I wanted to share them with friends and […]

Sick Bricks figures with Hats

Get Sucked in to Sick City

At Toy Fair last month the very last booth I visited was SpinMaster. I was down to the wire and had to leave at exactly 1:30pm so I had to get through the booth quickly. The person taking us on the tour mentioned Sick Bricks and asked if we wanted to see them but I […]

Transformers Robots In Disguise toys

A Slew of New Toys and Apps

These past couple of weeks I’ve been sent a number of Spider-Man and Transformers Robots in Disguise toys from Hasbro. I’ve also gone and bought a new Crayola coloring book that works with a new Crayola App. And today I went and picked up some new Transformers Rescue Bots and received a box of Reese’s […]

Funko Pop Joker Batman-Batman Pops

These Pops are all about Fun

Funko Pop Vinyl figures or “Pops” are incredibly adorable and highly collectible figures with a HUGE following. We have a few of them at our house. I’ve gotten some in various Loot Crates that I received over the years and there were even a couple that I sought out or picked up on a whim. […]

The Cooper Kit Make More Music

Resolve to Make More Music in the New Year – Cooper Kit Review

This past week we went to an open house at a friend’s and the night ended musically. The family is very musical and there are instruments all about the house. The kids have access to a wide range of music to listen to as well as instruments to play. They even gave our daughter a […]

How can I play with my LEGO Bricks and my Hot Wheels Track at the Same Time? Versa Bricks

Enjoy the Versatility of Fun with Versa Bricks

I am always watching Kickstarter for new and exciting toys. Well, this time I found something that brings new life and excitement to your existing toys. Who doesn’t have a set of Lego® Bricks, some HOT WHEELS® Cars or some K’NEX® kicking around their house? Ever wish you could use them all together in one […]

Winter Camping Gear

Winter Camping Must Haves

For any outdoorsman, there’s no better place in the world than being close to nature. But when it comes to winter camping, nature can be a miserable place if not prepared. That’s why I’ve put together this short list of winter camping necessities.   1. What To Wear for Winter Camping The most deadly combination […]

Andrew playing with the Half-Shell Heroes

Half-Shell Heroes for the Pre-School Ninja Turtle Fan

One toy that I was surprised to learn about at Toy Fair, pleasantly so, was the Half-Shell Heroes. This is a line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired toys that are for the three-year old and up crowd. Maybe they have seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show on Nickelodeon, maybe they haven’t. Either […]

The Final Look of the Crayola Virtual Design Pro

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Kits – An Amazing Blend of Technology and Art

When I was a kid I had a toy that I could use to make custom a van by switching out plates and then rubbing a black crayon on a piece of paper over those plates. It was called Little Van Goes and the nostalgic side of me wants to buy it on eBay for […]

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