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This is where you get to save the big bucks.
Subscribe and prepay to receive four Cooper Kits (one per quarter) for $24 less per year than the Quarterly Subscription. That’s a year’s worth of fatherly fun at a great price! And to keep the fun going, this discounted plan renews annually. As a subscriber, you’ll also have your own Online Portal with digital resources, tools, games, parenting tips, FYIs and fun stuff related to each Cooper Kit.


Want to subscribe for someone else?
Easy. Just put in their email and shipping address at checkout, and they will receive both the kits and their own digital resource portal. There is even a place to include a custom gift message in their first box.

What’s in a Cooper Kit?
Visit our Cooper Kit page to learn more about this Instant-Dad-Is-Awesome box.


“Loved being able to spend quality time with Dash while showing him how to work with his hands, teaching him and answering all Dash’s questions like “how did it do that?!” Dane especially loved seeing Dash’s face light up when things like a pile of wood actually turned into a catapult.” – Nicole Christensen, Small Fry Blog